The Olympics are just around the corner and everyone is getting excited for the sports and competition. One of the most popular sports at the Olympics is boxing, and we’ve got the schedule for all the boxing matches right here. So grab some popcorn and get comfortable, because it’s time to watch some Olympians punch each other in the face!

The Different Boxing Events at The Olympics

The Olympics will feature a total of 13 different boxing events, spread across men’s and women’s divisions. Here’s a full schedule of when and where to watch each event:


August 6: Light flyweight (49kg), flyweight (52kg), bantamweight (56kg), welterweight (69kg), middleweight (75kg)

August 7: Light welterweight (64kg), lightweight (60kg), light heavyweight (81kg), heavyweight (91kg), super heavyweight (+91kg)

Women’s events:

August 13: Flyweight (48-51kg), lightweight (57-60kg), middleweight (>69kg)

The Boxing Schedule for The Olympics

The boxing schedule for the Olympics has been announced. The games will begin on August 5th and lasting until August 21st. The boxing competition will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

There are a total of 11 medal events in boxing. Men will compete in 10 weight classes, while women will compete in just 3 weight classes.

The first event on the schedule is the men’s bantamweight (54kg) preliminary round on August 6th. The final for that event will take place on August 14th.

The last event on the schedule is the men’s heavyweight (91kg) final, which will take place on August 21st.

The Boxers to Watch out for at The Olympics

The Olympics is the perfect showcase for the world’s top boxers. Despite boxing not being an official sport at the games until 1904, it has long been a popular exhibition event. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be no different, with some of the best boxers in the world descending on Japan to compete for gold.

While there are too many great boxers to list them all, here are five of the top boxers to watch out for at the Tokyo Olympics:

1. Antonio Vargas (USA)

Current world champion Antonio Vargas will be looking to add an Olympic gold medal to his collection in Tokyo. The American boxer is one of the favorites for the lightweight title and will be looking to continue his impressive run of form.

2. Salvatore Carrara (Italy)

Italian boxer Salvatore Carrara will be hoping to make an impact in Tokyo after winning bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The 27-year-old will be competing in the welterweight category and will be one of Italy’s main hopes for a medal.

3. Tursynbaeva Aliya (Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan’s Tursynbaeva Aliya is another 2016 Olympic bronze medalist who will be looking to go one better in Tokyo. Aliya, who competes in the women’s flyweight category, is one of her country’s biggest medal hopes and will be looking to make history in Tokyo.

4.vasyl lomachenko (Ukraine)

Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko is regarded by many as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world and he will be hoping to add an Olympic gold medal to his impressive collection in Tokyo. Lomachenko, who competes in the men’s lightweight category, is a two-time world champion and will be one of the favorites for gold in Tokyo.

5 . Joshua Buatsi (Great Britain) Joshua Buatsi will represent Great Britain at light heavyweight in Tokyo and will be hoping to continue his unbeaten run as a professional boxer. Buatsi, who won bronze at the Rio Olympics, is one of Britain’s most promising prospects and will be hoping to impress on the biggest stage.

The History of Boxing at the Olympics

The sport of boxing has been a part of the Olympic Games since their inception in 708 BC. It was, however, banned from the games in 393 AD by Roman Emperor Theodosius I. The ban was lifted in the late 19th century, and boxing has been a regular Olympic sport ever since the modern games were established in 1896.

Boxing is open to both men and women, although there are separate events for each gender. There are also weight divisions: light flyweight (up to 48kg), flyweight (up to 51kg), bantamweight (up to 54kg), featherweight (up to 57kg), lightweight (up to 60kg), welterweight (up to 69kg), middleweight (up to 75kg), light heavyweight (up to 81kg) and heavyweight (over 81kg).

The object of the sport is simple: two competitors face off in a ring, using only their fists, and attempt to score points against each other by landing punches on their opponent’s head or body. The competitor with the most points at the end of the bout is declared the winner.

There are three rounds in an Olympic boxing match, each lasting three minutes. If there is no clear winner at the end of three rounds, then a fourth “sudden death” round will be contested until one boxer has scored more points than the other.

The Rules of Olympic Boxing

The sport of boxing has been part of the Olympic Games since their inception in 708 BC. The rules have changed a great deal over time, but the basic premise remains the same: two athletes face off in a ring, trying to score points by landing punches on their opponent.

The modern sport is governed by a set of rules known as the Marquess of Queensberry rules, which were first published in 1867. These rules specify the size of the ring, the length of rounds, and the types of punches that are allowed.

In Olympic boxing, there are three weight classes for men (lightweight, welterweight, and middleweight) and two for women (featherweight and lightweight). Each bout consists of three three-minute rounds, with a one-minute break between rounds.

Points are awarded for punches that land on the front or sides of an opponent’s head or body. punches that land on the back or below the waistline are not counted. The winner of a bout is determined by whichever boxer has scored the most points at the end of three rounds. If there is a tie, a fourth “sudden death” round will be fought to determine a winner.

You can watch Olympic boxing matches live on NBC Olympics or stream them online at

Where to Watch Olympics Boxing

The boxing matches for the 2020 Olympic Games will take place from July 26 to August 8. There are a total of 13 medal events, with each event having both a men’s and women’s competition.

There are several ways to watch the boxing matches. The Olympics will be broadcast on various TV channels in different countries. In the United States, NBC will be broadcasting the Olympics. There are also various streaming services that will be broadcasting the Olympics, such as NBC Sports Gold and BBC iPlayer.

If you want to watch the boxing matches live, you can also do so by attending the Olympic Games in person. Tickets for the Olympic Games can be purchased through the official website.

The Broadcasters of the Olympics Boxing Matches

The following broadcasters will be televising the boxing matches taking place during the Olympics.

  • NBC Sports. 
  • Universal Sports.
  • Telemundo.
  • Univision.

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